Security and the Cape Town underworld

The recent shift of power in Cape Town’s nightclub security industry has resulted in the assassination of a prominent Cape Town gang bosses as well as a number of attempted assassinations at Cape Town night clubs.

On 17 April 2017, two people were injured in a shooting at Caprice nightclub in Camps Bay. The shooting is believed to be linked to the shift in power.

On 30 April 2017 prominent Cape Town gang boss Mayon McKenna was shot dead outside his home. His death is also believed to be linked to the nightclub security industry.

There was another shooting at a nightclub in Loop Street on 4 May 2017.

Most recently, on 8 May 2017 Jerome “Donkie” Booysen (Sexy Boys gang leader) was shot and wounded while on his way to see another suspected gang leader who had been shot.

For more information on the Cape Town and Johannesburg underworld dealings see:

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