Project Publications

Hitmen for Hire: Exposing South Africa’s Underworld

Author: Mark Shaw
Publication Date: 2017

The Hammermen: Life and Death as a Gang Hitman in Cape Town

Author: Mark Shaw and Luke Lee Skywalker
Publication Date: 2016

Other South African Publications

Violence in Democracy: The Political Killing and Intimidation of Local Representatives and Administrators

Author: South Africa Local Government Association
Publication Date: 2017

Heroes under Fire

Author: Open Democracy Advice Centre
Publication Date: 2015

A Provincial Concern?: Political Killings in South Africa

Author: David Bruce
Publication Date: 2014

Political Killings in South Africa

Author: David Bruce
Publication Date: 2014

Significant News Reports

Saba, Athandiwe, Luke Feltham, and Kiri Rupiah. ‘Explore SA’s Killing Fields: An Interactive Map of All 2016 Political Assassinations’. Mail & Guardian, 2 August 2016.

Thamm, Marianne. ‘SA Whistleblowers: Assassinations, Victimisation, Marginalisation for Doing the Right Thing’. Daily Maverick, 3 March 2015.

Van Onselen, Gareth. ‘Political Assassinations: How the ANC Is Killing Its Own’. Business Day, 12 August 2013.

International Publications

An Analysis of Mayoral Assassinations in Mexico, 2000-2017

Author: Laura Y. Calderón
Publication Date: 2018

Becoming a Hitman

Author: David Wilson and Mohammed Rahman
Publication Date: July 2015

The British Hitman: 1974–2013

Author:   Donal MacIntyre, David Wilson, Elizabeth Yardley and Liam Brolan
Publication Date: 2014

Killing for Money and the Economic Theory of Crime

Author: Samuel Cameron
Publication Date: 2013

The Political Consequences of Assassination

Author: Zaryab Iqbal and Christopher Zorn
Publication Date: 2008

Contract Killings in Australia

Authors: Jenny Mouzos and John Venditto
Publication Date: 2003

The Phenomenology of Paid Killing

Author: Laurie Calhoun
Publication Date: 2002

The Contract Murderer: Patterns, Characteristics, and Dynamics

Author: L. Schlesinger
Publication Date: 2001