Becoming a Hitman

Author:  David Wilson and Mohammed Rahman

Publication Date:  July 2015

Abstract:  This article discusses what might motivate someone to become a hitman. It does this by considering those hitmen identified as ‘Novices’ and ‘Dilettantes’ in the research by MacIntyre et al. (2014) and then uses a critical analysis of a biography of one British hitman not considered in that article to pursue these ideas further. Throughout, we are keen to see how potential hitmen develop a psychological ‘reframing’ of their victim (Levi 1981), so as to be able to achieve their objectives, and how this reframing might thereafter be maintained. Hitmen, it is argued, emerge as an extreme example of Hall’s (2012) ‘criminal undertakers’.

Full Citation:  Wilson, David, and Mohammed Rahman. ‘Becoming a Hitman’. Howard Journal of Criminal Justice 54, no. 3 (July 2015): 250–64.

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